Sustainable Use Model (SUM) workshop held

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A five-day Sustainable Use model Workshop concluded here in Islamabad on 26th November 2015. Eleven trainers from the three organizations participated in the event: three from IAL, two from SAMAR Afghanistan, and three (Advocacy Officer, Media and Communication Officer, and Training Coordinator) from FLI. Moreover, FLI’s Executive Director, Linguistic Consultant and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer were also present for most of the sessions. The workshop facilitator, Mr Stan, from Canada stood active till the last moment.


The workshop aimed at training the trainers in how to administer the Sustainable Use Model in communities so that these communities will be able to raise awareness of the current situation of their traditional language. The participants learnt how to use the SUM guide for the future of their languages.


Thirteen people including three women and ten men benefitted from the training which had a task for the participants to practice what they learned in the workshop. Therefore the participants decided to catch a nearby language community and apply SUM as trainers. The Gojri language community, living in a nearby village of Islamabad came under study and the participants gave their presentations the next day on their tasks given to them by their facilitator.


The participants performed well and their facilitator was happy to award them with certificates on the last day of the workshop.