We have started meeting with partners in the region and at the third stop of this series we sat with MIER in Chitral. MIER has embarked on a mission, mostly to strengthen the Khowar writing system and our friends in this organization are doing great job. In the meeting, we discussed many things relating to language work. Next sitting will take place in Swat or Gilgit and our friends in our partner organizations in these regions must be looking forward to meeting us. We are lucky to have good and able people in our circle who help us contribute to serving our indigenous languages by supporting our initiatives and sharing their issues with us. We hope that together we will preserve and promote our languages.


FLI team held a meeting with Yidgha language community members in Lotkuh valley of Chitral last week. FLI team assured the participants of the meeting of possible support in further documentation of their language in response to their demand for capacity building in various fields of language work.
Yidgha, one of the highly endangered languages of the area was taken up by FLI some years back and initial literature were produced in the language. Much more needed for the language and that’s the reason FLI visited the area and met with the activists, poets, singers, school teachers, young and senior people from the community to find out ways of cooperation with them. These people, now are aware of the importance of using of their heritage language and it’s hoped that they will work to preserve and promote it. FLI will continue extending to them its technical support.

Gawri and Torwali

In a series of meeting with partners in north Pakistan, FLI held meetings in Swat with the activists and researchers of Gawri and Torwali language communities. The objective of these meetings is to refresh our commitment for our languages and discover new ways for collective measures we will take in future. The Covid-19 situation undoubtedly impacted our plans but we believe that together with our partners we can catch up. #GCDP and #IBT are dynamic arms of FLI whose support has allowed this organization to deliver in the region with ease

Meeting in GB

FLI, together with its partners and other stakeholders has made great progress in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province where five local languages are being taught at primary level as subjects. We are striving for inclusion of more languages in the province and are hopeful that we will eventually achieve the goal of an exclusive educational system in the province. We desire the same process be initiated in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), therefore, we have plans to work in GB and with GB govt.
For the purpose we have started meeting with stakeholders from the region. We, together with our friends in GB are hopeful to succeed.


The Gojri Language & Culture Society (GLCS), one of FLI’s partner CBOs in Pakistan has an innovative project of mobile schools. We held a meeting with people of this CBO last week in Abbotabad and discussed ways of cooperation in future. They are doing wonderful job to educate the community children on one side and promote their culture on the other.
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