New book published in an indigenous language

FLI printed another book in another indigenous language of northern Pakistan,, Kohistani, also called Indus Kohistani (IK). The launching ceremony of this proverb book, collected and translated into Urdu and English by Talib Jan was held on April 10, 2019 in Islamabad. Talib Jan has been working for the promotion of his native language for more than a decade.   Indus Kohistani is the major language of the west bank of the Indus River.  There are two main dialects of Indus Kohistani – one that is spoken along the Indus River, in settlements such as Seo, Pattan and Jijal. The other is spoken in the Duber and Kandia Valleys, which are more remote.  FLI has been working with this community for a long time and many interventions to develop and promote this language are underway. FLI also support a mother tongue based pre-school system in this community. The printing of proverb book in Indus Kohistani will serve the language and community in long future. 57129680_2317603271610926_7450056915956006912_n

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