Mother Language Literature Festival in Islamabad

The Mother Language Literature Festival has been a regular component of cultural activities in Islamabad since 2016. The event becomes more popular among literary people each year. What more important is the venue the two day yearly event takes place in, is what people call the heart of Islamabad, the Lok Virsa, one of the few cultural premises owned by the federal government. Hundreds of mother tongue activists, researchers, teachers, students, writers, poets and language lovers gather in this place every second weekend of February relating the event with International Mother Language Day. Literature in minor languages are put on display, the new writers’ compilations are launched and local languages are discussed and new promises are made to strengthen them are some of the regular activities of the event. FLI’s people also take part in the event. Muhammad Zaman, the Senior Advocacy Officer of FLI participated in a panel discussion took place on Feb 16. 2019. The event lasted for two days. This session was moderated by the head of one of FLI’s partner organizations and there was another lady panelist who has been part of FLI’s training activities. IMG_8591

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