How to get strengthened; Khowar in Gilgit-Baltistan got a plan

The week long SUM workshop was organized in Nov 2017 for Khowar, one of the six languages in GB. This language has been in a long contact with Burushaski and Shina in the area and very prone to lose its critical domains as the later languages are relatively vigorous in the spoken field. Given the multicultural outlook of GB, the Khowar language adds to its language diversity and steps to strengthen this language means a lot to the people of Ghizar.

The people who were trained in this workshop are called Mother Tongue (MT) Facilitators who, at the end of the training prepared a plan to increase the use of their language in the spoken area. They got to know that unless a language is spoken by all age groups, especially the children in a community that will lose to other languages. Making the language a good part of ones’ identity gives strength to the language. And, finally the important step to take is to fill the language with literary work. It’s hoped that the new activists from this area will play their role in moSUM1bilizing the community as, for now they are capable enough to confront the challenges the Khowar language is facing.

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