Mr. Sanai pledges to support FLI’s endeavors for preservation of the languages spoken in the Gilgit-Baltistan.

“Preservation and promotion of indigenous languages are great services as our languages are inevitable components of our cultural and linguistic diversity”, this was stated by the Minister for Education of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) who visited FLI’s office Islamabad today (Jan 30, 2020), and added that the appreciable services of FLI will serve the unique cultures of northern Pakistan long into the future. Mr. Sanai met with FLI team members and appreciated the organization’s effort. Earlier he was introduced to the FLI team members and briefed about the future programs. Mr. Sanai resolved to extend his support to the language development works in GB and pledged to play his positive role in enhancing the initiatives of GB government for languages. The honorable minister also applauded the publication work of FLI and expressed his happiness while observing books FLI has published in various indigenous languages of north Pakistan. Mr. Sanai hails from FLI’s target region, and speaks Balti language. Balti is classified among Tibeto-Burman group of languages, spoken in Baltistan region of GB and FLI has had many interventions for development of this language in the past. FLI has also prepared many programs for strengthening this language in the near future and it hopes to enjoy the good support of GB leadership during implementation process of its programs.

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