FLI publishes another book in Khowar language

A Khowar book containing more than 357 proverbs of the language spoken dominantly in the district of Chitral has been publishbook khowar_0001ed with Urdu translation. FLI provided technical and financial support to the young author, Afsar Ali Khan in his effort to bring out the fascinating document in his native language. The Khowar (also known as Chitrali) is one of the rare languages spoken in the northern Pakistan which have been used for writing, though for odd purposes, the current collection, titled as Khowar Matalan Gurzain (a pool of Chitrali proverbs) is yet another but handsome addition.

FLI, the forum for language initiatives, a resource center for preservation and promotion of the minor languages of northern Pakistan has been facilitating the people and group of people in documenting their mother tongues for the purpose of their conservation and development by providing documentation training, software tools and other technical support and monetary funding. Mr. Afsar is one of dozen other enthusiasts who completed their book and took the job of serving their mother tongue who were trained by the FLI.

Mr. Afsar, a young linguist, hailing from the beautiful town of Mastuj, has been in the field of language development for years running MLE schools in Khowar language for preschool aged kids in his town Mastuj, district Chitral. The Khowar language owes him a lot of honor for the services he is rendering. The recent contribution in the form of compilation of Khowar proverbs will benefit not only the speech community of Chitral but also the academia for further research in the language in days to come. Congratulating him on his maiden achievement we wish him best of luck for his future endeavors in the field of language development and pledge all our support in his cause which matches the best with ours.