Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Khowar (ATK), a literary organization in Chitral has established its chapter (Halqa) in Islamabad last week. Twenty two people of Khowar language community mostly language researchers, poets and students were among the participants. Office bearers of ATK from Chitral, Shahzada Tanvirulmulk, Shazhazda Faham and Mr. Zahurulhaq were also present on the occasion. The purpose of establishment of the organization’s chapter in the capital city is to bring together Khowar speakers living in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and to organize the work of individuals under the ATK umbrella.

The formation of language development bodies in the major cities for organizing the migrant people who come from the ethnolinguistic communities of northern Pakistan is of great importance as there are many people who intend to contribute to their language and culture and to maintain them. The individuals who seek support while producing literature but are unable to find experienced people due to living far from their native place can benefit from the companionship of learned people around. This will keep the migrant Khows in cities together and focused on promotion of their language. The body will also provide the opportunity to interact with and learn from each other.

Anjuman Taraqqi Khowar, founded by the literary people of Chitral in 1956 is one of the oldest literary organizations of northern Pakistan. The purpose of the establishment of ATK was to provide a platform to Chitrali poets and men of letters so that they could work for the promotion of Khowar language and literature. Apart from doing literary work domestically, the ATK has hosted two international conferences: “the 2nd and 3rd International Hindukush Cultural Conferences”, in 1990 and 1995 respectively, in Chitral.

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