A series of training courses titled as Identity Based Community Development (IBCD) concluded at FLI office in Islamabad last month. The main outcome of the IBCD certificate program was that “Community-based organizations in northern Pakistan have the capacity to effectively implement and manage their own identity-based community development strategies.” The primary goals of the first part of this course were that the participants had the introduction to the interplay of interpersonal skills and diversity in an organizational setting. Secondly they identified the benefits and challenges of a diverse work environment along with getting the understanding of unifying and motivating effects that influence the core values in an organization. They became aware of the system of how to think and identify the strength and weaknesses in the organizational system and also the learning loops.

They knew that how to become leaders and the challenges they will face after they hold the leading position.

Twelve participants from nine different language communities of northern and southern Pakistan took part in the sessions. All the participants of the event were directors, finance officers, coordinators, and supervisors of respective community-based organizations.

The sessions were facilitated by Muhammad Zaman, Naseem Haider, Shams Ali, Ms. Bushra Malik, Fazal Hadi and Ms. Amy.


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