A week long Lexicography (Dictionary Development) Workshop concluded in FLI office Islamabad last week. Six language researchers from 06 language communities participated in the activity. The language communities, represented in this workshop were Yidgha (spoken in Chitral), Ushojo (Swat), Gawarbati (Chitral), Hindko (Hazara Division), Dameli (Chitral) and Gawri (Kalam-Swat).

The participants learned how to develop the theories of dictionary components, collecting, compiling and organizing lexical data to start basic lexicography projects in their mother-tongue. Develop the skill of processing and organizing different kinds of lexical data by using WeSay, starting a new project, editing inside a field, inserting and deleting field, sorting in browse, and Filtering, work together to provide a supportive learning environment for a group of lexicographers. Also inserting new words in your dictionary, increase data by using semantic domain were what the participants have been imparted.


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