The Yadgha language, also spelled as Yidgha is among the 23 languages of Pakistan which have been declared endangered by UNESCO. The language is also called Lutkuhwar or Yudga and is spoken in the Lutkoh Valley, about 46 km west of Chitral. This valley is connected with Zibak, Afghanistan, through the Daruh pass that is at about 1480 meters above sea level. The Yidgha people originally migrated to this area from the Munjan valley in Afghanistan about 500 years ago.

There are an estimated 6,150 Yidgha speakers, who are the minority in a majority Khowar-speaking region. Dari is another common language in this region due to the high percentage of refugees from Afghanistan who have settled here.

Yadgha currently lacks an official writing system. However, some educated native speakers are trying to document the language and have decided to use the Urdu alphabet with additional symbols for sounds specific to Yadgha as the writing system. Aside from these efforts, Yadgha is moving closer to extinction every day. More and more people are switching to using Khowar, and in some villages, Yidgha is no longer being passed on to the next generation.

Covid-19 Awareness Message in Yadgha language