Training Workshop for FLI’s facilitators concludes

555FLI arranged a training workshop for its facilitators to provide them with more opportunities of learning and enhancement of their facilitation skills. The three days long workshop concluded on 12 Apr 2017 which was attended by 15 people who have been facilitating various training sessions at the platforms provided by FLI.

The main goal of this workshop was to improve the facilitation skills and standards of those who facilitate FLI trainings, while also introducing them to and receiving their feedback regarding the new Facilitators’ Guidelines and Training Policy that FLI is developing. This was accomplished through a 3-day workshop held at local hotel in Islamabad.

The methods and processes of achieving this goal included both explanations of good facilitating practices as well as a lot of practical activities and practice using those methods. The objectives established towards achieving the goal of this workshop were:

  • Introduce, discuss, and potentially revise FLI’s drafted Guidelines for Facilitators
  • Improve facilitators’ understanding of adult learning principles and different learning styles
  • Improve the lesson planning and preparation skills of FLI’s facilitators
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of FLI’s facilitators’ teaching sessions
  • Provide opportunity for facilitators to practice good lesson planning and delivery
  • Introduce facilitators to FLI’s upcoming training policy, and the parameters they will need to meet to continue facilitating trainings with FLI
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