Pahari is spoken in the Murree Tehsil of the Rawalpindi District in northern Pakistan. The Pahari area is often referred to as the Galliat, a plural of a Hindko word that means mountain pass. This language is spoken in Abbotabad and Murree dialect of Pahari language ends at the Jhelum River but another dialect of the same language, also called Pahari as well as Chibhali extends into Azad Kashmir. While travelling to Abbotabad from Murree, one passes through a transitional region between Ayubia and Nathiagali where this language changes from Pahari to Hindko.

Potwari language is spoken in the plateau south of Pahari dialect area; runs northward to Rawalpindi and eastward to the Jhelum River. From Rawalpindi to Murree, the language transitions from Pothwari to Pahari around Barakahu, the area where Muree Hills begin. Some 2.5 million people speak these languages according to 1981 census but more 1.5 million people can also be found in Azad Kashmir. A very good number of speakers of these languages, mostly belonging to Azad Kashmir have migrated to United Kingdom.