Our Main Objectives & Goals

  • Promote social development in different language communities.
  • Produce well-trained, competent men and women able to carry out linguistic and cultural research, produce vernacular literature and provide training and consultant help to new language development workers.
  • Serve through partnership with local communities and other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, with similar aims and objectives.
  • Promote and develop the mother tongue of all target language groups and their respective cultures.
  • Motivate men, women and children to work for their welfare and development of the community at large through the use of local media.
  • Promote civic responsibility through training and dissemination of information in local languages.
  • Bring out the capability and leadership qualities among the individuals of the community in the field of language and social development.

Our primary and secondary Aims

The primary aim of all that we do is to equip Pakistani nationals to produce and use all kinds of literature in their mother tongue.

The secondary aim of FLI is to help facilitate the establishment of effective mother-tongue literacy programs, which help people read and write in their mother tongue language. Once learned, they can then more effectively learn to read and write in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan.