Mankiyali is an Indo-Aryan language of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northern Pakistan. It is spoken by around 500 people in the isolated village of Danna (or Dana) located in the Bandi Shungli union council of Mansehra District. The whole community has been reported to be bilingual in Hindko, the language of wider communication in the area.  Mankiyali is not mutually intelligible with any of the surrounding languages. Mankiyali has been influenced by Hindko and Gojri, particularly in the development of phonemic tone.

Currently, the language is purely verbal with no writing system in place. FLI took the language for documentation in 2019 and held a workshop to discover the issues relating to its documentation. The workshop, called Issues in Language Development (ILD) was attended by 16 people from the community. Further activities planned for development of Mankiyali in 2020 were halted due to Covid-19 related restrictions. The same will be resumed once the normalization is observed.