1. Reports on Local Names & Uses of Plants in Kalam Kohistan (in English, Urdu and Gawri)
  2. Pahari and Pothwari: A Sociolinguistics Survey (in English)
  3. Traditional History of Kalam (in Urdu)
  4. Kalkatak: A Crossroads of Cultures in Chitral (in English)
  5. Treasures of Seven Kings: Stories from Northern Pakistan (in English)
  6. The Ormuri Language in Past and Present (in English and Ormuri)
  7. Palula Vocabulary (in Palula and English)
  8. Palula Texts (in Palula and English)
  9. Ushojo Majmua-e-Alfaz
  10. Dameli Majmua-e-Alfaz
  11. Gawarbati Majmua-e-Alfaz
  12.  Yidgha Majmua-e-Alfaz
  13. Dameli Proverb (in Dameli, Urdu and English)
  14. Proverbs of Torwali Kohistani (in Torwali, Urdu and English)