Gojri belongs to the central group of the Indo-Aryan language family and is closely related to Mewati, a language spoken in north eastern Rajasthan. Gojri is spoken in northern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and the former state of Jammu and Kashmir (Azad Kashmir and Indian Administered Kashmir). Most of the Gujars who settled in the plains have abandoned Gojri while those who continue speaking Gojri include nomadic pastoralists who herd sheep and goats or dairy buffalo, settled agriculturalists, and semi-settled agriculturalists who practice seasonal transhumance.


Literacy rate among the nomadic pastoralists is very low. A project entitled ‘Bakarwal Mobile School System’ is running 40 mobile schools for the nomad children in the different regions of northern Pakistan. In this school system, basic education is provided in Gojri and then students are helped to transition later to Urdu and English.


Gojri Writing; A thesis