Dameli is spoken in several isolated villages in a side valley called Damel, on the east side of the Chitral River, a few miles below Mirkhani in Arandu Tehsil, Chitral. Dameli has been substantially influenced by neighboring languages, and is threatened by the larger surrounding language communities as well as Urdu, the national language. However, though Dameli speakers will default to other languages in groups that include people from other language communities, they still use Dameli to communicate at home, with family and Dameli-speaking friends, in community and religious gatherings, and informally in schools with other students and teachers who also speak Dameli.

There has been very little study of the Dameli people. They are mostly farmers and goat herders, with grapes being the only known crop exported to other communities. There are no census figures to determine the exact number of the people in each language community, so the latest information available is from research done in the area around 1990, at which time there were an estimated 5000 Dameli speakers.