FLI’s Contribution in dealing with pandemic

Coronavirus Awareness Raising

Coronavirus Awareness Raising Videos;

The WHO’s message was recorded in indigenous languages of northern Pakistan and disseminated in form of videos; the following video has been developed in Kalasha, an indigenous language of northern Pakistan.. The videos created impact as reflected by the views the users took interest in.

The message in other languages of northern Pakistan can be watched here

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Awareness Raising Banners;

FLI translated WHO’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) protection message in the indigenous languages of northern Pakistan. The banners, billboards containing Coronavirus protection message were displayed  on main entries, markets, public places and government building. The following picture of a banner displayed on the wall of Tehsil Headquarters Booni,  in Upper Chitral. The banner was developed in Khowar language.

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Covid Awareness Message in Shina

Covid Awareness Message in Khowar