16 Khowar speakers learned how to write in their mother tongue

16 people including three women from Khowar language community of Golaghmuli village in district Ghizer of Gilgit-Baltistan trained to write in their mother tongue.  They learned what was the basic writing system of their language along with the benefits of standardization of writing system in an activity, called Writers’ Workshop held in their village Golaghmuli by FLI. Staff member of FLI, Naseem Haider and its external facilitator, Farid Ahmed Raza conducted the workshop in the first week of November.

Three books in five months

FLI published the latest book in May 2019, while the second in April, and first was in February this year.

Printing books in the indigenous languages of Northern Pakistan is one of the activities of a great significance FLI has been regularly pursuing by encouraging its trainees from various language communities. These books serve well the purpose of language documentation. The latest poetry book, in Ormuri language, written by Mr. Rozi Khan Burki is the third book FLI published in the current year. Earlier a book was printed this year in Gawarbati, a language spoken in Arandu valley, Chitral. The second book FLI published was in the Indus Kohistani language, spoken in the Kohistan area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

SUM workshop in Swat concluded

The Forum for language Initiatives conducted a six-day workshop in the Gawri speech community called, “Workshop for Planning the Future of Our Language” during last week of May 2016 in Kalam, Swat.

Four participants from different areas of the Gawri speech community were trained as mother tongue facilitators. The main purpose of this workshop was to train MT facilitators from the Gawri speech community to use The Guide to facilitate discussions with representatives in their respective speech communities to increase awareness about language use, develop plans for the future of their language and engage more people in different ways to carry out those plans and achieve their goals. The trainers included Muhammad Zaman, Amir Haider and Ejaz Ahmed. More workshops of this kind are planned this year; in July for Sheena speech community and in August for Torwali speech community.

MT Facilitators engaged with community member after having participated in SUM workshop in Kalam, Swat

MT Facilitators engaged with community member after having participated in SUM workshop in Kalam, Swat

Collaborative Language Research Workshop held at FLI

Organized and facilitated by DSC_0581Dr. Henrik Liljegren, Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University, Sweden from 12 to16 October, 2015 at FLI’s premises in Islamabad the project aimed at documenting the linguistic features of the languages spoken in the Himalayan region.

The workshop as part of larger research project was sponsored by Swedish Research Council. The identification of any substantial relations between the languages of Hindukush-Karakoram region was sought through various methods of interaction during the event.

The participants represented over 13 languages, spoken in different parts of northern Pakistan and AJK. The languages represented in this event were Bateri, Dameli, Gawarbati, Gawri, Indus Kohistani, Kalkoti, Kashmiri, Khowar, Palula, Shina, Torwali, Ushojo and Yidgha.

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