16 people trained to write their mother tongue

16 people including three women from Khowar language community of Golaghmuli village in district Ghizer, GB gained the ability of writing in their mother tongue in a workshop. FLI held this Writers’ Workshop for Khowar Community in the first week of November 2018 in their village, Golaghmuli. The purpose of the activity was to enable the community people to understand how writing system of a language is standardized. External facilitator Farid A Raza and Sr. Literacy Officer of FLI,Orthography Pic JPG Naseem Haider facilitated the training.

7 people trained in Linguistic Map making

FLI’s seven master trainers got the ability to develop maps to be included in their research work on languages. They can now make the maps in accordance with the requirements of their research project detailing the geographic aspects of information and use in their research work. Mr. Qandeel Hussain, a linguist who facilitated this training in FLI office on Nov 28, 2018.



Seminar for local journalists of Skardu, GB organized

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FLI’s organized a media seminar for the local journalists of Skardu in Skardu Press Club Gilgit Baltistan on July 15, 2018. Members of Press club attended including known writers of Balti language community. They demanded more programs so that Balti language could be promoted. FLI noted their demands and will surely include Balti community is its future programs._MG_7567


Community people shared with each other how they manage their natural resources

The Forum for language Initiatives arranged a Community of Practice (CoP) on Indigenous Resources Management on 30th of April 2018 in Islamabad. 18 people belonging to various language and culture groups attended this one day event. The goal of this CoP was to provide the communities of North Pakistan an opportunity to share the very indigenous wisdom of managing the natural resources in their particular areas and learn from each other. Secondly, they had to translate the learning from this event into a lesson and apply in their own context. 12 people from north Pakistan gave their presentation elaborating how the natural resources; Land, Forest, Water and Pastures (grasslands) are currently or have been traditionally managed in their respective regions.

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4 people from Hindko trained in Language Vitality Survey

The FLI conducted a six-day workshop in the Hindko speech community called, “Workshop for Planning the Future of Our Language” on April 19-24, 2018 in Abbotabad city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.  In the workshop, four participants from same Hindko speech community, among them two were females, trained as mother tongue facilitators. The main purpose of this workshop was to train MT facilitators from the Hindko speech community to use The Guide to facilitate discussions with representatives in their respective speech communities to increase awareness about language use, develop plans for the future of their language and engage more people in different ways to carry out those plans and achieve their goals. The main objective of this workshop was to equip Hindko MT facilitators to lead a series of discussions and meetings which focus initially on the questions included in The Guide and then continue as necessary in order to carry out relevant plans.A plan was devised to work for strengthen of that speech community for future use of their language.