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Themes and Subthemes

Conference themes and sub themes will include, but are not limited to the following History• Pre-colonial history of Chitral, Mastuj and Yasin• Pre-colonial history of Gilgit, Hunza and Nager• Colonial history of Northern Pakistan• Historiography of the Chitral and Gilgit areas• Northern Pakistan in the days of independence and the accession of the northern polities […]

GB Education Minister hails FLI’s language dev services

Mr. Sanai pledges to support FLI’s endeavors for preservation of the languages spoken in the Gilgit-Baltistan. “Preservation and promotion of indigenous languages are great services as our languages are inevitable components of our cultural and linguistic diversity”, this was stated by the Minister for Education of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) who visited FLI’s office Islamabad today (Jan […]

Shekhani language; the 20th language FLI takes up

FLI reaches another milestone by taking up the Kataviri language, the 20th language the organization has targeted to preserve and promote. FLI conducted a survey during the second week of October in Shekhandeh, Bamburet- Chitral to find out what was the exact status of orality, identity and literacy of the language among the community by […]

Literacy Day Observed in N.Pakistan

UNESCO has been celebrating September 8 every year as International Literacy Day to draw the world’s attention towards eradication of illiteracy from the world. FLI has been observing this day together with its partner organizations in their respective areas. This year the event was sponsored by FLI in three language communities of northern Pakistan; Palula […]

16 Khowar speakers learned how to write in their mother tongue

16 people including three women from Khowar language community of Golaghmuli village in district Ghizer of Gilgit-Baltistan trained to write in their mother tongue.  They learned what was the basic writing system of their language along with the benefits of standardization of writing system in an activity, called Writers’ Workshop held in their village Golaghmuli by FLI. Staff member […]

Language Documentation Workshop in Chitral

Mother Tongue Initiative for Education and Research (MIER), a local language development organization in Chitral held a Language Documentation workshop in collaboration with FLI in Chitral yesterday. The chairperson of linguistic department of the University of North Texas, Ms Sadaf Munshi facilitated the training. More that twenty participants who represented seven languages, spoken in Chitral […]