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Dr. Elena BashirElena Bashir wrote her PhD dissertation on the Kalasha language in the Linguistics Department at the University of Michigan (USA). During the course of that work she discovered both the many similarities and the differences between Khowar and Kalasha.  Since then (1988) her major research focus has been on Khowar, about which she […]


Anjuman Taraqi Khowar AnjumanTaraqqi Khowar (ATK), founded by the literary people of Chitral in 1956 is one of the oldest literary organizations of northern Pakistan. The purpose of the establishment of ATK was to provide a platform to Chitrali poets and men of letters so that they could work for the promotion of Khowar language […]


The proposed 4th International Hindukush Culture Conference is an academic and research activity in continuation of the first conference held in Moesgaard, Denmark in 1970.  This conference will commemorate the golden jubilee of the first conference (1970-2020).  The 2nd International Hindukush Cultural Conference was hosted by the Anjuman Taraqqi Khowar in Chitral, in August 1990 […]

Logistical Information

Chitral town has hotels ranging for all kind of budget. Details of the hotels will be provided later. Government has also removed restriction on foreigners to travel to Chitral and nearby regions. Online visa facilities are available for most of the countries while citizen of some countries can also get visa on arrival.  See your […]

Organizing Committee

AC Chitral (Ex-Officio) ADC Chitral (Ex-Officio) Ejaz Ahmad Faham Aziz, Shehzada Fakhruddin Akhunzada Fazal Hadi Gul Murad Hasrat Inayat Ullah Faizi, PhD. (Co-Convener) Israr Uddin, Prof. (Convener) Minhas Uddin Muhammad Zaman Sagar Mumtaz Hussain, Prof. Rehmat Karim Baig, Prof. Sadiq Ullah Sadiq Taj Uddin Sharar, PhD Tanvir Ul Mulk, Shehzada Yousaf Shahzad Zahoor ul Haq […]