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FLI in Gilgit

Gilgit is the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan and home to seven beautiful languages, with Shina as the lingua franca. Among the other six languages is Burushaski, a language incredibly unique due to its not belonging to any known family of languages. It was in this city of particularly unique linguistic diversity that FLI held a […]

SUM workshop in Swat concluded

The Forum for language Initiatives conducted a six-day workshop in the Gawri speech community called, “Workshop for Planning the Future of Our Language” during last week of May 2016 in Kalam, Swat. Four participants from different areas of the Gawri speech community were trained as mother tongue facilitators. The main purpose of this workshop was […]

ED FLI calls on Ushojo Community in Swat

The Executive Director of FLI, Mr. Fakhruddin Akhunzada, called on representatives of the Ushojo language community yesterday in Madyan, Swat. He congratulated them for having their language, Ushojo, documented under a project which FLI recently concluded. The Ushojo people paid great tribute to the Forum for Language Initiatives for documenting their language and giving the […]

Yidgha will live a long life

Many reports revealed in recent past that the Yidgha language, spoken in Lotkuh valley of district Chitral will vanish in a decade or so owing to being just an oral language. New generations had stopped learning their mother tongue and the parents preferred Khowar for their children. The contemporary language activism in the north has […]

Now its Kalasha to get standardized its writing system

One more lesser-known language of northern Pakistan, Kalasha has started the journey of preservation and promotion. Spoken in three beautiful valleys of district Chitral; Bamburat, Berir and Rumbur the Kalasha has been taken up by Ayon and Valleys Development Progam (AVDP) with the financial support of SGAFP-USAID aiming to develop the language through documentation. Forum […]

First ever publications launched for four endangered languages

Chitral: 12 April 2016 FLI has published eight books, two in each of four languages indigenous to northern Pakistan. The four extremely endangered languages, of which three are spoken in district Chitral, had previously been used only for oral communication, but have now successfully been provided with a writing system under a USAID-funded documentation project. […]

Websites for Minor Languages developed

FLI arranged a two weeks long website development workshop, last week for vernacular languages here in Islamabad and enabled some 18 representatives of 10 language communities to have online pages for their mother tongues. Forum for Language Initiatives, Islamabad provided the language activists with opportunity to boost their online visibility including Shina, Palula, Khowar, Gawri, […]

FLI publishes another book in Khowar language

A Khowar book containing more than 357 proverbs of the language spoken dominantly in the district of Chitral has been published with Urdu translation. FLI provided technical and financial support to the young author, Afsar Ali Khan in his effort to bring out the fascinating document in his native language. The Khowar (also known as […]

Sustainable Use Model (SUM) workshop held

            A five-day Sustainable Use model Workshop concluded here in Islamabad on 26th November 2015. Eleven trainers from the three organizations participated in the event: three from IAL, two from SAMAR Afghanistan, and three (Advocacy Officer, Media and Communication Officer, and Training Coordinator) from FLI. Moreover, FLI’s Executive Director, Linguistic […]

FLI Held Writers’ Workshop for Ushojo Language Community, Swat

Forum for Language Initiatives, Islamabad held a two-day writers’ workshop for Ushojo language community in Bishigram, Swat. 14 people including teachers, language researchers, poets and young language enthusiasts attended the event. Most of the participants had attended the training under the orthography workshop series FLI has been holding for endangered languages under the Preliminary Documentation […]