The proposed 4th International Hindukush Culture Conference is an academic and research activity in continuation of the first conference held in Moesgaard, Denmark in 1970.  This conference will commemorate the golden jubilee of the first conference (1970-2020).  The 2nd International Hindukush Cultural Conference was hosted by the Anjuman Taraqqi Khowar in Chitral, in August 1990 with Prof. Israruddin (Chairman, Department of Geography University of Peshawar) as convener and Dr Karl Jettmar (South Asian Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany) as general president. The 3rd conference was hosted by the same organization with the same convener and Prof.  Dr.  Schuyler Jones (Pitt Rivers Museum, England) as General President in 1995. The 4th International Conference is being convened by Prof. Israruddin on behalf of the same host to give an opportunity for high profile scholars in the field of Hindukush studies to meet and exchange ideas about their research.  The conferences brought together national and international schoolers.