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Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI), founded in 2003 functions as a resource centre for the many language communities in Pakistan’s mountainous northern region. To know about how it works watch the following video.

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The Indus Kohistani language, having a functional writing system, being used on Social Media and for literature development, and also having a Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education program is one of the few literate languages of Northern Pakistan. Spoken by more than 400, 000 people, this Dardic language has also been included in the primary […]

A delegation of Palula language speakers in Chitral visited Gomandan, a splintered village of Palula language community in Dir Kohistan to meet with those who share their language and culture. The delegation consisted of the office bearers of one of FLI’s partner organizations in northern Pakistan working for the Palula language in Chitral. Mr. Qazi […]


The 4th International Hindukush Cultural Conference is an academic and scholarly activity..

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We are the best local organization for preserving regional languages

We put the mother tongue speakers in driving seat of language development and cultural documentation by imparting required training and providing necessary equipment aiming at having sustainable service to indigenous languages


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