yidghaMany reports revealed in recent past that the Yidgha language, spoken in Lotkuh valley of district Chitral will vanish in a decade or so owing to being just an oral language. New generations had stopped learning their mother tongue and the parents preferred Khowar for their children.

The contemporary language activism in the north has influenced the Yidgha people who started realizing the importance of their heritage language. They established organizations for awareness campaign within their community and save their language.

FLI joined them with the support of its partners; NRSP-SGAFP (USAID) with a program and provided the Yidgha people with a writing system so that they could save their heritage language through documentation. With technical support of FLI and financial by USAID they have reached the milestone. Today the Yidgha is no more just a combination of sounds but has gotten a writing system and started to be used for written communication.

Above image is a leaf from how they have embarked on a journey to promote their language in social media. They are curious and have found some similarity between their own language and Pashto. We endorse it and apprise them of relation that Pashto and Yidgha both are Indo-Iranian and belong to the same family.

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