FLI arranged a two weeks long website development workshop, last week for vernacular languages here in Islamabad and enabled some 18 representatives of 10 language communities to have online pages for their mother tongues.

Forum for Language Initiatives, Islamabad provided the language activists with opportunity to boost their online visibility including Shina, Palula, Khowar, Gawri, Torwali, Indus Kohistani, Hindko and Gojri spoken in northern Pakistan who got their webpages activated the same day the workshop concluded.

The milestone will not only facilitate the communities to project their activities but also provide a platform for extensive contacts, sharing of ideas, and will be strengthening their relations by allowing them communicate through the modern means of communication and information sharing. The communities have published their websites along with posting their materials on the platform to let the world know about their good work for preservation and promotion of their mother tongues.

It’s hoped that the fully active websites of our local languages will cement the ties between the communities and language activists which will result in extensive cooperation among language groups of the region gathering support for the promotion of linguistic heritage of Pakistan.Capture1 CaptureCapture2

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