One more lesser-known language of northern Pakistan, Kalasha has started the journey of preservation and promotion. Skalasha picpoken in three beautiful valleys of district Chitral; Bamburat, Berir and Rumbur the Kalasha has been taken up by Ayon and Valleys Development Progam (AVDP) with the financial support of SGAFP-USAID aiming to develop the language through documentation.

Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI) is a key partner in this venture providing technical support to the community and helping them preserve their wealth of language and culture.

A one-week orthography workshop took place in Kalasha Dur Bumburat, Chitral to discover ways for a standardized writing system and improve and unify the already existing alphabets for the language. Under the program Kalasha researchers will be trained and equipped to document their mother tongue, disseminate awareness within the community to preserve their culture and bring out publications in their language.


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