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Provincial roundtable discussion on language-in-education policy and practice in KP

SAHE and Forum for Languag e Initiatives (FLI) collaborated to organize a roundtable discussion on above topic. The event was hosted in Peshawar and was attended by official representatives from various govt. offices, educational institutions and civil society organizations. The discussion provided an opportunity to discuss the complexities surrounding the implementation of language policy in schools […]

Universities jump into Language Service

It is encouraging to see that the Universities of Pakistan have started taking the subject of linguistics in a positive manner. The Air University Islamabad, a reputable institution in the private sector is working ardently to strengthen its Linguistic Department and has been organizing training workshops to enhance the capacity of its faculty members in […]

How to get strengthened; Khowar in Gilgit-Baltistan got a plan

The week long SUM workshop was organized in Nov 2017 for Khowar, one of the six languages in GB. This language has been in a long contact with Burushaski and Shina in the area and very prone to lose its critical domains as the later languages are relatively vigorous in the spoken field. Given the […]

Wakhi language to get standardized writing system

FLI held this orthography workshop for the Wakhi language in the last quarter of the year 2017 in Passu, Hunza- GB with the objectives of discovering the unique sounds exist in the language, the characters to describe such sounds, orchestrating alphabets and resolving other orthography issues aiming to develop a systemic writing system with the […]

Training Workshop for FLI’s facilitators concludes

FLI arranged a training workshop for its facilitators to provide them with more opportunities of learning and enhancement of their facilitation skills. The three days long workshop concluded on 12 Apr 2017 which was attended by 15 people who have been facilitating various training sessions at the platforms provided by FLI. The main goal of […]

IBCD program concluded, certificates distributed

FLI for the first time, with the partnership of Payap University, Thailand, was able to offer a year-long course to any of its language development trainees that provided a certificate from an accredited international university. This was very valuable partnership FLI has had in its history which enhanced organizational management skills of the participants. 12 […]

Child Rights Protection workshop concluded in FLI

A five day workshop on Child Rights Protection was held in last week in the FLI. Seven people from three language communities attended the workshop. Language communities from Northern-Pakistan included Hindko, Palula and Indus Kohistani. In line with the objectives of the workshop the participants have agreed to allow a child to grow strong and […]