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Training Workshop for FLI’s facilitators concludes

FLI arranged a training workshop for its facilitators to provide them with more opportunities of learning and enhancement of their facilitation skills. The three days long workshop concluded on 12 Apr 2017 which was attended by 15 people who have been facilitating various training sessions at the platforms provided by FLI. The main goal of […]

IBCD program concluded, certificates distributed

FLI for the first time, with the partnership of Payap University, Thailand, was able to offer a year-long course to any of its language development trainees that provided a certificate from an accredited international university. This was very valuable partnership FLI has had in its history which enhanced organizational management skills of the participants. 12 […]

Child Rights Protection workshop concluded in FLI

A five day workshop on Child Rights Protection was held in last week in the FLI. Seven people from three language communities attended the workshop. Language communities from Northern-Pakistan included Hindko, Palula and Indus Kohistani. In line with the objectives of the workshop the participants have agreed to allow a child to grow strong and […]

FLI publishes another Khowar Book

Another Khowar Book “Khowar Muhavirey” (Khowar Idioms) has been brought up by Mr. Afsar Ali Khan, a language researcher from Chitral (Khowar). This collection of Khowar Idioms is the second book from this young writer who has translated the native idioms into Urdu. He wrote “Khowar Matalan Gurzain” last year by collecting Khowar Proverbs. Both of his […]

Dictionary Development Workshop Concludes in FLI

A week long Lexicography (Dictionary Development) Workshop concluded in FLI office Islamabad last week. Six language researchers from 06 language communities participated in the activity. The language communities, represented in this workshop were Yidgha (spoken in Chitral), Ushojo (Swat), Gawarbati (Chitral), Hindko (Hazara Division), Dameli (Chitral) and Gawri (Kalam-Swat). The participants learned how to develop […]

FLI held Advocacy CoP for Language Communities

(Islamabad) A three day Community of Practice (CoP) “Advocating for Minority Language groups in Pakistan” was held last week in Rawalpindi. The main objective of this CoP, among other was to establish a common understanding of the concept of voice and advocacy, exploring how advocacy is important for social change and development. 15 members from […]

IBCD training courses conclude

A series of training courses titled as Identity Based Community Development (IBCD) concluded at FLI office in Islamabad last month. The main outcome of the IBCD certificate program was that “Community-based organizations in northern Pakistan have the capacity to effectively implement and manage their own identity-based community development strategies.” The primary goals of the first […]

FLI in Gilgit

Gilgit is the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan and home to seven beautiful languages, with Shina as the lingua franca. Among the other six languages is Burushaski, a language incredibly unique due to its not belonging to any known family of languages. It was in this city of particularly unique linguistic diversity that FLI held a […]

SUM workshop in Swat concluded

The Forum for language Initiatives conducted a six-day workshop in the Gawri speech community called, “Workshop for Planning the Future of Our Language” during last week of May 2016 in Kalam, Swat. Four participants from different areas of the Gawri speech community were trained as mother tongue facilitators. The main purpose of this workshop was […]

ED FLI calls on Ushojo Community in Swat

The Executive Director of FLI, Mr. Fakhruddin Akhunzada, called on representatives of the Ushojo language community yesterday in Madyan, Swat. He congratulated them for having their language, Ushojo, documented under a project which FLI recently concluded. The Ushojo people paid great tribute to the Forum for Language Initiatives for documenting their language and giving the […]